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 Am not going to talk too much on this issue, because i know you my
loyal subscriber want to know it fast
After much consideration am releasing to you my loyal subscribers
my own list of the top 100 business ideas you can start with little or no capital

1. Real Estate Agent.
2. Training
3. Teaching
4. Marketing, online/offline
5. Bulk SMS Seller,
6. GSM numbers seller
7. Bulk e-mail Marketing
8. Cleaning Services
9. Cares services provider
10. Coaching
11. Web Site Designing
12. Web Hosting
13. Movies Directing, writing

 Turkey farming business- A Mini Turkey Farm
This is an agric bizness with a short turnaround period. You can start
this venture with a room, bq, uncompleted building or any vacant space.
The profit margin is very handsome. Turkeys mature within a few months and
they do not smell like other poultry animals. You can recoup your
investment within 6 months with a very high profit margin.
The key areas are: Feeding, Where to get supplies of young animals, pest
control, housing etc.
14. Importation Business
Importing goods from China at a cheap price and selling it at a higher price here in Nigeria.

15. Grasscutter farming
16. Meat Delivery/Supply Business. Food related and very profitable. I can
provide more info on this concept if necessary. You can supply meat to
eateries, hotels, restaurants and individuals. You can also bring in live
cows/goats from the North and sell.
17. Soap making. Soap is a fast moving consumer product and production
process is not too complex
18. Exercise Book production
19. You can set up a small bakery and expand in future. Nigerians love bread
20.You can import shoes and other fashion accessories. I know a guy that
imports male casual shoes from the Uk and he sells to wholesale buyers in
Lagos. The rate of return is very high, quick turnover is guaranteed and
the products sell fast because it meets one of the basic needs of man -
21 Transportation. the recent ban on commercial motorcycles in Lagos has
thrown up a huge business opportunity for smart investors who understand
the Lagos business environment.
22. Supply of corporate gift items.
23. Small scale Printing press.
24. Game lounge.
25. Production and marketing of Cosmetics and personal care products
26.eBook writing – If you are already a reputable writer or blogger, you can write an eBook and promote it on your blog. 27.ORM (Online Reputation Management) services – Help companies manage what people are saying about their brand and products online.
28.Poultry farming business 
29.Catfish Farming
30Livestock  farming
31Livestock feed production 
32.Dog breeding business
33.Equipment leasing serviceS.
34.Soya beans processing
35Maize Cultivation and procession 
36.Rice Processing (Milling)
37.Cashew production and processing 
38.Cassava processing
39Ethanol production (from cassava)
40.Restaurant business – Start a restaurant if you have the passion for food.
41. Selling Snacks and light drinks
Snacks are everyone’s in between meals they come in handy at the office, in school, on special occasions such as parties, meetings, conferences, seminars and so on. Soft drinks usually accompany them as well just think of selling gala, egg rolls, sausage rolls, donuts and other tasty light snacks especially cakes. These can be sold in schools and in busy places such as bus stops and commercial areas along with lac casera, viju milk, mineral drinks, yoghurt and so on
42.Stock investing – Invest your money in the stock market.
43. Starting a drugstore – You can start a drugstore and also sell common grocery items.
How about teaching children after school? Many parents are busy and can’t afford to pay home teachers, you can organize a small after school lesson from home and charge just a little less than home teachers and make some cool money you know?
45.     Recharge cards
Sell Recharge cards, the lower denominations to friends, colleagues and family and make some small cash for yourself, it doesn’t cost anything to start at least with N10,000 or even much less you can start selling N100, N200 and maybe N400 naira denominations depending on which one is in greater demand. Recharge cards also have an alternative in VTU
46.Fitness gym – If you love bodybuilding, this is a good business for you.
47.Personal training – Help people achieve the body they desire by training them personally.
48.Wedding planner and event organizer – Facilitate any event, like wedding, corporate party, and even concerts.
49.Real estate dealing – Enter into the real estate “buy and sell” business.
50.Real estate leasing – Earn rental income from your tenants. You may develop an apartment or commercial building for rent.
51.Real estate agency/brokerage – Be a real estate agent or broker.
52.Property finding service – Help people find the property (e.g., house and apartment) they are looking for
53.Jewelry making – Utilize your skills in jewelry making and crafting.

 54.Driving school – Teach people how to drive their car and how to follow traffic regulations.
55.    GSM Accessories
Chargers, batteries, lcds, casings and so on are always in demand. People need to replace their gsm accessories from time to time.
56.Employee training – Help organizations increase their productivity by training and motivating their employees. 57. Dance instructor – Teach people new dance steps or even their first dance steps.
Travel and adventure souvenir items. Tourists and adventurers will always get something to remember. You may sell souvenir t-shirts, caps, necklace, and other souvenir items.
Agriculture and fishery business ideas
58. Gardening and landscaping – Turn your clients’ backyard into a breathtaking panorama.
59. Flower shop business – Go into flower shop and flower arrangement business.
60. Organic farming – The demand for organic food is increasing.
61. Rice farming – Produce more rice for the local and international market.
Manpower and household business ideas
62. Security services – Ensure the safety of your clients’ premises.
63. Janitorial services – Start a janitorial service business
64. House cleaning and lawn care service – Make every home and backyard neat and clean.
65. Laundry shop business – Clean and dry the laundry of your customers.
Media and publishing business ideas
66. Digital printing service – Digital printing, including 3D printing can be a good business this 2013.
67. Press release services – Promote new businesses and products to their targeted market.
68. Self-publishing – Publish your own book.
69. Freelance writing – Be a writer and contributor to various publications online and offline.
70. Graphic design – Make your talent and skills in graphic designing as your business.
71. Proofreading and editing – Ensure that the content and publication of your clients are free from spelling and grammar errors.
72. Transcription services – You can provide medical, legal, or other transcription services, and you can also do this as home-based business.
Green business ideas
73. Recycling business – Turn your creativity and love for the planet as your business.
74. Junkyard sculptures – Use your talent and imagination in turning junks into beautiful works of art.
75. Junkshop and scrap business – Collect people’s junk and sell them for profit.
76. Electric charging station – If your community is already using electric cars and motorcycles, then electric charging stations are already a necessary business.
77. Bike sharing business – Reduce carbon emission and fuel consumption by starting a bike sharing or renting business.
78. Composting business – Turn that organic garbage into fertilizers.
79. Energy audit – Help companies and household determine ways on how they could save more energy consumption.
Computer and electronics business ideas
80. Computer repair and maintenance – With many computer and laptop owners, this business will continue flourishing. Aside from repair, you can also provide computer cleaning services.
81. Appliance repair and maintenance – Fix your customers appliances and other electronic equipment.
82. Internet café business – You can start an Internet café business with many other add-on services like, printing, online researching, and other computer services.
 83.School Dropping and picking service
84.Video game Center
Airport shuttle and transportation services – Help tourist reach their destinations without hassles.
85. Tour guide – Be a tour guide in the community or in their specific adventure destination.
86. Travel agency – Create travel deals and packages for people who want to travel and enjoy a vacation.
87. Ticketing office – Be a ticketing agent of different airlines, shipping lines, and other travel companies.
88. Adventure club – Start an adventure club that includes mountaineering, scuba diving, surfing or caving.
89. Accommodation services – Provide bed and breakfast services for tourists, travelers and backpackers.
 90.Self Improvement Seminars
91.Public/Motivational Speaker
92.Public Relations Agency
93.Online internet training
94.internet recruiting
95. Interpreter/translator
96. Foreign Language Teacher

97. Mailing list service

98. Market research

99. Monogramming

100. Music lessons

101. Nanny Service

There are many other business opportunities that we can start depending on our passion, talents, skills, attitude, interest and financial resources. That is why if you want to know the best business idea that you can transform into a big reality and bring to success… you have to look more into yourself – what you are now and what you can be in the future.
Finally, remember that a business idea is not as easy as we think. Starting a business may require specific skills, years of experience, and professional certification. Registering and operating a business may also require government permits and licenses. Thus, it is vital that you will come up with a good business plan for your chosen business idea.


  1. Thanks for these info, Osaro. I must add that, while choosing the right business should be based on your interest, it's also a must that you're business-oriented. Meaning, you should have the passion on catering the best of your talent. Being in business is never easy. It's not only the talent and money you're investing in, but also time that you can never get back.


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